Language Services



We provide quality translation services into English and Spanish, and are also able to offer other languages such as: Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean, among others. The subjects we work with include general business, finance, economy, law, engineering, oil industry, medical and scientific documents, marketing and advertising.


We will recognize local sensitivities and we know how to do it because we belong to a foreign community and we understand cultural differences, local cultures, habits or dialects. On doing so, we will be not only focused on the translation of languages but also we will deal with localization: a process whereby the target language is adapted to convey a similar meaning in the target culture.


We have a team of professional interpreters in different language combinations who are widely experienced in high end business meetings, international conferences in different areas requiring simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.



Bureaucom can quickly and accurately transcribe your audio material to text format, whether files are delivered in CD, cassette, video or digital files. Transcription can be provided in English or one of our forty supported languages.



Additional Services

Dubbing and Subtitling

Audio-visual translation is one of the areas in which we excel: documentaries and TV commercials, dubbing movies for the airline industry, CDs, DVDs and different multimedia formats. The two most common styles, created by staff specially dedicated to subtitling are:

  • ESL – English as a Second Language
  • SDH -Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Voice-over is a process of recording and replacing the original voice on a soundtrack by that of a different performer speaking another language and it does not involve any lip synchronization (this is mostly used by the film industry). Dubbing, either replacing the original voice or voice-over, is done by native and experienced voice talents.


Audiovisual productions

Audiovisual translations are localized for global audiences using any type of format, material and support requirements. Comprehensive production of multilingual videos for trade shows, corporate presentations, products and services demos, training courses and advertising. Our services include project management with high level professionals who are very fluent in the target language, and have experience in film shooting, editing and post-production, designing and production of radio and TV commercials, and production of DVD’s.


multimediaMultilingual desk top services and multimedia

We can adapt and re-create any multilingual documents you may need for your internal communications or company announcements. At your request, we can take care of each and every stage of the process: extracting texts from non-convertible files, designing templates or program codes, defining parameters and configurations, design and development, editing, monitoring and final checking.