“This letter is to highly recommend Milly Golía with Bureaucom Translations, for her professionalism and high degree of accuracy. As Director of the Buenos Aires Neurobiology Institute, Argentina, I am very pleased to let you know about Milly’s skills and abilities.

Milly has been working extensively with me as a free-lance translator for many years now and I highly recommend her for an outstanding performance as a translator. She has been requested for Spanish into English translations of the most important scientific papers written by our team at the Institute. It is to be highlighted that Milly has highly contributed to the activity of our Institute with the translations of our scientific papers that were published in well-known international magazines. Her fluid and suitable input, as well as her ongoing participation and exchange of opinions with the authors were very important in order to get an effective translation of the paper. Milly devoted much time in discussing ideas with the authors, trying to clarify what exactly they were trying to state in each one of the phrases of the original paper. This helped them to finally express their thoughts in the best possible way. I also want to mention that the translations that Milly dealt with were scientific papers that our Institute submits for publication in well-known international and very competitive magazines. In order to receive approval from these, it is essential to submit a faithful translation. For this purpose, Milly insisted in her effort to ensure a high-quality translation. Her work showed not only a high proficiency in the English language but also an outstanding command of Spanish along with an excellent understanding of highly complex, technical documents. 

Sometimes there were differences between her interpretation and the one of the authors’. However, she firmly declined suggested translations made by the authors and I was very pleased with the way she handled each one of the situations. Milly’s savoir fare has to do with her big heart, as she spared no time and effort in her special way of taking care of her customers. On the one hand, Milly revealed her deep feelings for good causes. She was one of the founders of ATIBA, a professional association for translators and Interpreters in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also was the editor of a monthly magazine for translators and interpreters called Molinos de Viento from 1998 to 2001. 

I have been running the Neurobiology Institute for forty-two years and, of all the translators I have worked with, she is the best translator I have ever known and I recommend her highly”. 

Juan Tramezzani, Director, INSTITUTO DE NEUROBIOLOGIA, Buenos Aires, Argentina


“Bureaucom has been doing translations for the Chase Bank for many years now. Their translations into Spanish or into English have always been accurate and delivered on time. We recommend Bureaucom for their high degree of professionalism and responsive customer service.”

Andrés Cusi, Managing Director, The Chase Manhatan Bank, N.A.


“I met Milly in 2006. I needed a translator that was registered in the US and Argentinean Embassies. Milly and her team where extremely knowledgeable in the judicial lingo and performed outstanding results, translation after translation. They were quick and precise. I was so impressed, that I recommended her to our legal team at work to translate a multimillion multiyear contract with a mayor Telecom service provider in Latin America. PT has acquired the services of the BUREAUCOM in Argentina as well as the BUREAUCOM, LLC in the US. They have done an excellent job in the translation RFP’s as well as RFI for us from Spanish to English as well as Portuguese to English. We have known BUREAUCOM for multiple of years.”

Justo José López, Sales Director – PT PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES


“Milly and her firm are responsive to our needs and complies with the translation committed deadlines.”

Chairman at Moore Stephens Latin America Inc.


“I’ve worked with Milly in a couple of projects including very specific medical translations with time pressure and everything. Even design issues she’s flexible, fast and creative to overcome issues.”

Boris Baranov, Medical Education & Training Consultant at Medtronic Spine & Biologics


“Bureaucom has been working for the Hospital Carlos G. Durand for five years. It is to be highlighted that her translations were made with a high degree of precision and very skillfully. I also want to mention that these are translations of scientific papers which are written in order to be submitted for publication in top, international and very competitive magazines.”

Dr. Luis Voloschin, Main Researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research


“BUREAUCOM, Localization and Translation Services have been working with Teva Pharmaceutical Latin America Region since 2008 in the employee communications/human resources fields. Their translations, mainly English to Spanish have always been accurate and delivered on time. We do recommend BUREAUCOM, Localization and Translation Services for their professionalism and their good understanding with us.”

Thelma Caballero-Powell, Director of Human Resources. TEVA Pharmaceutical USA/ Latin American Region.


“I have known Ms. Golía for more than 4 years and have followed her multiple successes as a Translator, Interpreter, Business Woman and Eloquent Writing in Professional Publications for translators and interpreters. I highly recommend Ms. Golía to anyone looking for outstanding communications skills in English or Spanish and a true professional, who always delivers her work on time.”

Arturo Valdivia, Manager, The Language Connection, USA.